READY TO GET STARTED? Great! You can go ahead  here and get us the initial docs we need to start the approval process so we can review and turn around rates and terms ASAP.  For our Loan Application and Loan Summary Snapshot, simply download from the "Download Docs" page (on this site), fill out ON YOUR COMPUTER, save and resubmit here on this page.  If you have a recent appraisal you can upload that here, if not, we will get one done promptly so we can meet your timeline. We will also need your Divers License, any pictures of the property you may have, rehab budget (if applicable), 3-5 year proforma/sales projections (if applicable) and Resume/Borrower Experience.

Our MAIN GOAL is to get you CLOSED QUICKLY at the at BEST RATE and LEVERAGE possible.  We are well capitalized and can move quick.  Lets get you started NOW!